Travel To Turkey And Visit The Ancient World

Although the Templars “raison d’etre” was to deliver their version of “Holiness” to the Holy Land, only 10%25 of the T-team actually wielded a sword. The other fifteen to twenty thousand arranged and taken care of a European broad economic infrastructure. Which was, essentially, the initial bank. The Templar business provided escrow solutions, as well as issuing cheques and letters of credit score.

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It is important to repent of and renounce all involvement with the occult, since dabbling in it can open up 1 up to demonic spirits, some of which can also pray in tongues. There are demonic counterfeits of the spirit of God.

Some churches have been built in Ein Kerem since the Byzantine period, though we do not know if the earlier churches had been dedicated to John the Baptist or associated to him. The initial types who did affiliate Ein Kerem to John were the Crusaders, but it should be emphasized that these Christian conquerors of the premier hajj utilized to adapt the Holy websites to the region they ruled.

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Two Masonic historians, Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight think that image on the “Shroud of Turin” is that of de Molay. The two historians believe that de Molay and the Knights understood the true story of Jesus. That he was right here as a Jew to establish “God’s Kingdom on Earth.” This was opposite to the Vatican’s’ perception. It is stated, that the Templar initiation ceremony swore off Jesus as God. They go on to say that de Molay was tortured and crucified like Jesus and that the Shroud is the actual picture of the dead de Molay.

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